By Team Member | March 31, 2022

Why Homeowners Insurance Goes Up? – Gilbert AZ

Hey, what’s up? My name’s Joe Kennedy. I am Joe Kennedy of the Kennedy Agency in Gilbert, Arizona. I did want to touch on two things that can cause your home insurance to increase. Pretty simple.
If the cost to rebuild your house goes up, you might see an increase on your premium. So over the last year, we’ve seen quite a bit of inflation. That has had an impact on people’s premiums. A lot of times, we can do a review and figure out ways to restructure it to offset that increase. The other thing would be claim activity. If there’s a lot of claims in your area or if you have a lot of claims, that also can drive your premiums up. So my best advice would be to contact your local agent to do a policy review. Before you call a claims department, get with your agent, make sure it’s something that’s going to make sense, and make sure it’s something that’s covered. Also over the last year there, like I said, there’s some inflation that has caused the cost to rebuild a house to increase, so you want to make sure your current policy has the proper coverage as well.
Hopefully that helps you out. Feel free to give us a shout here at my agency. If you’re not in Arizona, hit your local agent up and do a policy review. Have a great day.

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