By Team Member | April 1, 2022

When Cancel Auto Insurance? – Gilbert AZ

Oh, Ms. Johnson. I’m sure you tell everybody they have the best service and lowest premiums in the city. Well, hey, it was a pleasure, and let me know if you need anything. Have a great night.
Oh, hey, just talking to Ms. Johnson. She asked a good question that I think is very important for everybody. And she asked, “When should you cancel car insurance?” And I told her, “Never. Never cancel your car insurance,” unless you have a policy that’s already put in place. So if you are going to switch providers, do not keep cancel your current insurance until you get a new policy put in place. Not a single day lapse. If you got a new policy that starts April 1st, tomorrow, Friday, April 1st do not cancel your current policy until tomorrow, April 1st. If your car breaks down and you’re not going to be driving for a couple months, call your insurance company, get your policy suspended. A lapse in your insurance history is almost like having a collection on your credit. It’s the worst thing that you can do.
There are options where you can suspend coverage on your policy. So you keep the policy active and keep that insurance history active, and that’ll go a long way in getting you lower premiums. When somebody turns 16 and they get their license and they get their own insurance, their insurance is sky high, and that’s because they don’t have any insurance history or driving history. So continuous coverage on your insurance history is key to driving your premiums down with time.
Hopefully, that’s helpful. Have a great day. Feel free to give us a call directly at my agency if you have any questions. And if you’re not in Arizona, definitely get with a local agent to do a review. Have a good one.

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