By Team Member | October 16, 2020

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Windows?

Hi, my name is Amanda. I’m from the Kennedy Agency here in Gilbert. So today’s question is, “Will homeowners insurance cover your windows?”
So actually, yes and no. There’s a couple of different options. It just kind of depends on what’s going on. So if you just want to update your windows to new energy-efficient windows or something like that, your house just needs an upgrade or remodeled, that’s not something that necessarily homeowners insurance is going to cover. But if a tree were to, there’s a storm, tree falls down, busts through your window, that could be covered by your homeowners insurance.
What we always suggest is give us a call at the agency or call your agent before you do contact the claims department, because you just want to make sure that the expense that you’re paying out for your deductible is less than …

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