By Joe Kennedy | January 17, 2020

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Leaking Roof?

Hey, it’s Joe Kennedy with the Kennedy Agency in Gilbert, Arizona. We’re an exclusive Allstate agency. Just got off the phone with a current client and they had a very good question, and we get it pretty often so I thought I’d share it here with you. They wanted to know if they had water leaking in through their roof, is that something their home insurance would cover? The first thing that you always want to consider when it comes to this is, is the water leak a result of wear and tear? Meaning, if it’s an older roof or there’s loose shingles or it’s just a result of wear and tear or age, chances are that roof leak is not something that your home insurance is going to cover. If it is an incident, if there is a storm and wind causes the shingles to fly out of place or there’s hail damage or a tree falls on the roof, which in turn causes damage and water leaks through there, there’s a very strong possibility your home insurance policy will cover that.
What I would encourage you to do is if you have a concern, contact your local agent. If you have any specific questions, we’d love to help you out in my office. Our phone number is 480-526-8277. You can visit our website at, or you can email me at Hope this helps. Have a great day.