By Joe Kennedy | January 25, 2020

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover An AC Unit?

Hey, it’s Joe Kennedy with the Kennedy Agency in Gilbert, Arizona. I just got off the phone with one of my outstanding clients and they were being really responsible, being proactive, doing some shopping for an air conditioner unit. Here in Arizona in January, you get some really good deals this time of year. They had some issues with their air conditioner over the summer and that question comes up pretty frequently as far as does the home insurance cover your air conditioner? Usually it does come up in the summer months. The answer is yes and no. You want to be mindful of the difference between a warranty and an insurance issue. So if the AC in your car goes out, you’re not going to file a car insurance claim for that. If something happens and there’s an accident and the AC needs to be repaired and you file a claim, then something’s going to happen there.
Same thing with your home insurance. If your AC goes out because it’s leaking freon, it’s not going to be something that your home insurance covers. However, if you have a unit that’s outside and there’s a storm and the tree falls on the air conditioner unit, then you might have a claim there. So if it’s something that is a maintenance issue or wear and tear or age issue, it’s not going to be covered. If there’s a specific incident that does happen, then there is a good chance you’d be able to have it covered under your home insurance. And that’s pretty much the same with anything in your house.
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