Recreational Vehicles Insurance


Recreational vehicles come in many sizes and flavors, but their common thread is that they are mainly used for fun and not for everyday living. Therefore, recreational vehicles insurance is approached very differently from standard auto or homeowners insurance. RVs have features well beyond what is included in a typical auto or home policy, such as more personal property on board, accessories, living quarters, fuel and water tanks and more. These vehicles are heavier and more versatile than automobiles, requiring more assistance in case of accident or breakdown.

RVs may include motor homes, camping trailers and fifth wheels. Each has its own needs and risks. Some owners live in their units full time while others use them a few weeks or months per year. Specialized RV coverage is designed around how each owner uses their vehicle, whether it is seasonal or year-round, on vacation, for temporary or permanent living space or any other need.

In addition to the bodily injury and property damage insurance common for automobiles, RVs have unique insurance needs, including for example:

• Full time policies for year-round use
• Vacation liability coverage when parked at a campsite
• Towing and roadside assistance
• Accessory coverage for awnings and antennas
• Comprehensive coverage for property losses similar to a homeowners policy
• Emergency vacation expenses
• Replacement coverage
• Legal costs
• Plus many more

The term “Recreational Vehicle” can also include boats, personal watercraft, ATVs, snowmobiles or motorcycles. Each of these vehicles has its own unique insurance solution.

An RV is part vehicle, part home and part lifestyle statement. There are far more angles to insuring them than the average driver or homeowner usually thinks about. For those who have graduated to the RV lifestyle, congratulations! Enjoy the ride. The proper recreational vehicles insurance for your specific need will help take more of the worry out of that ride.