The Beehive Bee and Wasp Removal

Fast, Affordable Bee Removal and Bee Relocation, Wasp Removal In Phoenix and All Metro Valley

AZ State OPM Certified, Professional Bee and Wasp Removal Experts You Can Trust — Available 24/7! BBB Member, A+ Rating! 

Specializing in difficult problem bee infestations or reoccurring bee problem
Bee removal of domestic European honey bees
No kill, live bee removal, and relocation/humane bee rescue
Control of Africanized bees
Bee extermination/bee elimination (when needed)
Wasp control: paper wasp and mud dauber wasp
Bee swarm removal
Extermination of yellow jackets or wasps
Extermination of hornets
Control of bumble bees
Control of carpenter bees
Bees drinking at swimming pools or water fountains, and bees at drinking at water features
Bee removal from walls, attics, trees and structures of all kinds
Honeycomb removal and cleanup
Construction repair of roofs, drywall, stucco, etc. after beehive/honeycomb removal
Bee proofing/sealing of your home 
Property inspections

Practicing safe bee elimination and bee control techniques, while protecting your family, pets and property!

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