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Helping Children in Arizona Struggling with Poverty

At present, more than 16% of the population of Arizona is living below the poverty line, and nearly one in four children lives with the reality of poverty and hunger on a daily basis. The Kennedy Agency believes that all children, regardless of financial situations or backgrounds, deserve to live healthy lives free of poverty and or food insecurity.

Offering a Helping Hand to Children in Need

The Kennedy Agency is a committed Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange network here in Maricopa County, and our primary goal is to ensure that all the children in our community have access to healthy, nutritious meals. We will be working in support of several local programs that provide backpack meals to schoolchildren, food banks that ensure families have direct access to fresh foods, and empowerment programs that encourage children to stay in school and finish their education.

There are thousands of children who need assistance, and we need you to help us reach them.

How YOU can be Part of the Team

The only way to reach all the children who need our help is to spread the word about this campaign. We need you to invite your close friends, co-workers, and family members into the Kennedy Agency for a complimentary insurance appraisal and more information on our effort to help children in need. As a way of thanking you, we will issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local food bank or child support program for every person you invite into our agency.

Making Life Better for our Children

This campaign is a way for you and your family to get directly involved and help improve outcomes for other children in our community. We can’t do it without out you, so please join us!


Joe Kennedy

The Kennedy Agency

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