Let’s Wipe out Hunger Together

For the next three months, our agency will continue to advocate and fight for the well-being of children suffering from hunger; however, this campaign, we are focusing on aiding in the growth and development of accessible food pantries! We are so optimistic about launching a campaign to wipe out hunger in the East Valley. By providing meals to children, we want to ensure that our community has access to healthy and nutritious food. The Kennedy Agency cannot stand on the sidelines of a problem that is plaguing our community. Arizona is the fifth worst state for overall food insecurity. 1 in 4 children is struggling with hunger right here in our home. We feel it is our duty to be beacons of hope for our community and tackle this problem head-on.

“Our agency believes no child should ever have to face a day where they don’t know if they will be able to have a nourishing meal or not, together we can no child goes to bed hungry”, said agency owner Joe Kennedy.

Getting involved has never been so simple – or Free!