By Team Member | March 6, 2020

Can Auto Insurance Deny A Claim?

Hey, it’s Joe Kennedy with the Kennedy Agency in Gilbert, Arizona. This week’s question is, can you have a car insurance claim denied by your insurance provider? And the answer is absolutely. Anybody can go online or call a fly-by-night insurance company and get an insurance policy and that might prevent you from getting a ticket. Doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to actually protect you or your financial future or your belongings if you’re not insured properly. So it’s key to make sure that you’re insured properly. A perfect example, we had a client, a woman added her son to her insurance policy. It was her policy, she added her son and she added her son’s vehicle.
Her son ended up totalling the vehicle. She was not on the title of her son’s vehicle and the claim ended up getting denied. So, what I recommend is calling your agent or our agency. If you have any questions regarding your policy and doing an insurance review. Make sure you’re insured properly. Make sure you understand what your limits are and what is covered and what’s not covered. It’s never a bad idea to be proactive with this stuff. If you have any questions, please call us. The number here is (480) 526-8277. You can call or text or you can email if you need anything at all. So be safe out there. Make good choices, and have a great day.